Eat Fresh

Turkey, lettuce, tomato, pickles and one line of light mayo on whole wheat.  With Southwestern Ranch Baked Lays and lemon and honey iced tea 🙂


Uh, Hello.

Hello my friends!!! I’d ask you all how you’ve been, but I’ve been keeping up on your fabulous blogs so I pretty much know! (stalker alert!) 😉

I have had a crazazy past few months but things are finally settling down…or at least into a routine!  I finished up my first year of graduate school (shout out to a few other bloggies who have done the same!) with a 3.4 GPA (not too shabby!) and some great experiences.  I wish I could say that I was donezo until September, but alas, that is not the case.  I will be taking three summer classes (gag), one of which starts next week.  I am also back to working full time ($$$) which is great, but leads to a busy summer schedule!

Oh a more fun note…I’m moving into my own apartment next weekend!! I am so excited!  I lived on my own for four years when I went to college, but then moved back home for a year post graduation.  Now I’ve found a cozy little one bedroom just for me, and am happily spending all the money I’ve saved for this very moment on lovely things like big comfy chairs and a TV 🙂

I’m also in the process of planing a tropical vacay (thank you tax refund!) with the new bf (haaaaay 😉 ) and I’m very excited!! I’ve been to Florida and the like, but never a real tropical vacation, and not with anyone other than my fam!  This isn’t for a few months yet, but I’m pretty ecstatic!

So where does this leave me blog wise?  Well I have a lot of super, awesome, amazing and busy things going on in my life right now, but I always make time for blog reading!  I read about your lives religiously!  As for posting myself, we’ll see how it goes!  This week starts my “I’m-trying-really-hard-to-have-a-tropical-vacation-ready-bod-in-2-months” goal!  I’ve been hitting the gym a few mornings a week before work (ugh early!) and then on the weekends, so we shall see!  That kind of vacation is motivation for sure!  I’m going to do my best to get some interesting posts in this summer, so here’s to hoping! 🙂


Burrito Overload

Hey ladies! Happy Friday 🙂

As I said in my previous post, one meal a day usually consists of a yogurt mess, our of sheer convenience!  However, what I neglected to say is that a good 90% of the time, the other meal (usually lunch) is a frozen burrito!  Not just any frozen burrito though, either an Amy’s or a Cedarlane!  I’m an Amy’s girl all the way, but lately the Cedarlane brand has been catching my eye (and my tum!).  The Cedarlane brand are just packed with more filling than Amy’s, more protein, and 20 less calories!  How do they do it!?  An A+ in my book!

Hello, friend 🙂

I highly HIGHLY recommend 🙂

PS:  Cedarlane has no idea who I even am, so trust me; they most definitely did not offer me anything for this post!

Spring Has Sprung!

Happy Beginning of April everyone!  And April Fools Day too, if you’re into that stuff! 😉

This fab lady actually asked us to name a goal we have for April…I have a couple! (Psssst! She’s actually having a sweet giveaway too!!!)

1.  Blog more! Should seem pretty simple right?  Well if you look to a post I made a few weeks ago…not so!  I’m one busy gal, but really want to try and post once or twice a week, hopefully with some free time on the weekends!

2.  Enjoy life outdoors! I spend 90% of my day sitting or sleeping!  Drive to work, work all day, sit in class, drive home…go to bed…it sucks!  I want to walk walk walk, and that’s an April goal of mine:  to do more of it!

Whether you know it or not (creepy, right?) I read all of your blogs daily, I just don’t always have time to comment or post myself.  But trust me, your lives are MUCH more fab than mine! 😉  It’s fun catching up with you all!

There are some great new changes I’ve been facing lately (new apartment soon, new boys, new outlook on life) and I can’t wait to share them with you all!  I hope you’ll continue checking back for hopefully more frequent updates!

Here’s a sneaky peak of what I typically either eat for lunch or breakfast on a daily basis (today it was lunch)

Greek yogurt of some sort (today was the new Yoplait honey vanilla flavor (yum!), with some granola/cereal, and a nice gob of PB (Dark Chocolate Dreams is just that…a dream!)

Off to class! Huge psychopathology midterm (think: every mental disorder known to man!) and a presentation today…is it Friday yet? 😛


I’m in love…

(sorry about the gross cuticle!)

(Sorry about the gross cuticle!)

Get me out of here!

Hey all!

As I type this, I’m going on my fifth day with no water, heat, or electric (and therefore internet!).  I’m sure you all have seen the weather reports of the huge storm that hit NY last weekend…well I was in the eye of the storm that’s for sure!  I got hit with more then 2 feet of snow and have been shuttling from house to hotel to other house since Friday!  It’s sucked, and I miss my bed, so I shall return when my power does! 🙂

Hope you all are having a great start to your week!!

Wake Up in the Morning…

…not usually feeling like P. Diddy.  More like

Kim K


I thought it would be fun to walk you all through a typical day in the life of Michelle, which may help explain my lack of posts!

6 am: Alarm goes off.  Eeep it’s early. Lay in bed for awhile trying to think of something good about today to get me out of bed.

6:15: Crap.  My brother gets in the shower at 6:20.  Time to hustle!

6:22: I had no idea teenage boys could give the stink eye before 8 am.

6:30-7:30: Get ready, makeup, hair, scarf down one of these (Chobani, banana, granola/cereal, sprinkling of PB Puffins in a lovely PB container!)

Yogurt mess: sometimes in a jar, sometimes not

7:35: Realize I need to get gas.  Fudge.

7:50: Holy moly, it’s freezing at this gas pump.

8:00: Arrive at internship site, follow my supervisor around for four hours

12:00 pm: Sqeeeeeeze into driver’s side of my car and experience sheer relief after managing not to hit the car next to me in the parking spot that I created for myself in a no-parking zone.

12:05: Ooo a text!  Oh wait, never mind.  A text comes in from a number I don’t recognize that starts with “Remember me?” Delete.

12:30: Arrive at work

12:40: Scarf down Amy’s Non-Dairy Burrito and an orange

12:50-3:30: Whirlwind of typing, e-mails, and paperwork ensues

3:30-4:00: Leave work, drive to school

4:05: Hmm should I attempt to find a good parking spot today? Eh, why not, I have a few minutes!

4:07: Epic fail.

4:10: Park 27398249028 miles away.

4:30: Cookies ‘N Cream Luna! Yum!

4:30-7:10: WHY WHY WHY did I decide to come to class when we were having guest speakers!?  Never a good choice.

7:45: Arrive home.  Ahhh home.

8:00: Debate studying, instead occupy my time watching Real World re-runs, Man vs. Food, and FaceBook, of course

8:40: Consume some egg whites, some whole wheat naan etc.

9:30: Consume 637493809438 chocolates from my Valentine’s Day haul. Yikes. 😦

11:00: Sleeeeeeeeep.

Home that was at least mildly entertaining! 🙂

Hope you all have a fabulous day!

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