Life Goes On

Hey everyone!  I’m pretty sure I don’t have any readers left…kinda sucks but what are you gonna do?  Life goes on.

And life is certainly going on for me lately!  Quick update:

  • I’m graduating with my Masters in Counseling next week!
  • I’m DONE with my education for a good, long time haha
  • My best friend is getting married next week!  I’m her maid of honor!
  • The bachelorette party is this weekend 😉
  • I’m moving again 😦 🙂 (I feel both ways)
  • My birthday is in a couple months!
  • The bf got a new job and it’s awesome!
  • I got a raise at my job!

Yikes!  Talk about life changes.  Unfortunately, my current landlords raised my rent to the point that it’s not worth living there anymore…I’d just be throwing  money away!  Fortunately, I beat a couple people out for a really cute apartment (smaller, but cute!), for a MUCH better price and they take me and my kitty! Score!

I’m so psyched to be graduating!  Honestly, my grad school experience wasn’t the greatest (not so great faculty), but at the end of the day, I have my education and no one can take that away from me!  It was a hard earned degree, that’s for sure.

I’m really excited to take the next step in my life, and open up the next chapter.  My days of formal education are coming to a close (20 years in the making! haha), I’m sticking with my current job (not using my degree), for a least a year due to money and location reasons, although I do love my job 🙂  My boyfriend just got a position that will really help us save some big bucks for our eventual engagement, marriage, and kiddies 😉

It’s just a very exciting/nerve wracking time over here, but I’m loving it for the most part.  I really want to start blogging more consistently (I’ll sure have the time!), so we’ll see how it goes!  I’m so worried I’m going to be so bored now that I’m done with school! I’m used to a very hectic school/work/internship combination and pulling 60 hour weeks combined! No  more for this girl!  40 hour weeks and more $$  helloooo 🙂  I’m really looking forward to catching up on my reading (for leisure), organizing and decorating my new place and spending quality time with my friends and family that took a figurative backseat during these long college years.  I still read blogs multiple times a day and comment occasionally so I know how you’re all doing, but tell me anyway!  What’s up buttercups!?


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