Hi everyone!  I’m currently writing this post while on an endorphin high (the best and ONLY kind!).  I’ve been crazy busy with working full time/summer classes full time that exercise has sadly been put on the back burner all summer 😦  Makes me really sad.  I whine often that I “just don’t have time” and when push comes to shove with a busy schedule, exercise is always the first thing to go.

But I LOVE to exercise, so what gives?  I was inspired by a recent post from the lovely Iowa Girl Eats who brought up the topic of tired vs sluggish.  This got me thinking about the difference between the two…I mean there is a difference…right?  Right.

You know you’re tired when your body just can’t do it anymore.  You’re utterly exhausted from going going going and/or lack of sleep that you just crash.  I’ve had this happen to me a lot the past few weeks, but what I’m coming to realize is that the “tiredness” that I attributed to not exercising is actually a big ‘ol case of sluggishness.

Those 5 am workout I had 4 days a week last summer?  Gone.  The Friday afternoon gym workouts after my early work release?  Nope.  Taking advantage of the weekend to get my workouts in at 7 am right when the gym opened?  Haha, funny.  So what happened!? Well, life happened!

It was way too easy to allow myself to forget how good it feels to get in a workout before your day has essentially even started, or to have your workout done on a Saturday before the rest of the world even rolled out of bed.  Allowing myself to be consumed with school work, projects, deadlines, reading assignments, and work assignments led me straight into an exercise slump.

After recently moving into my first apartment by myself, I truly valued any time I was able to spend there relaxing (which wasn’t/isn’t much).  I often used that as an excuse to not exercise, telling myself I’d do an exercise DVD when I got home from a long day and night of work and class.  But I never did.  The other night my boyfriend and I had a conversation.  It really struck a chord in me.  I was whining yet again about being exhausted and having no time to exercise yada yada yada, when he starting giving me some suggestions about when and how I could workout.  He suggested early morning, and even offered to get up with me the following morning at 5:30 am (even though he didn’t have to be into work until noon) and do a workout DVD with me, just to keep me motivated.  Did I take him up on it?  Noooo.   Instead I got defensive, snapping at him that I knew all about how and when I needed to be and should be exercising, that I just didn’t have time.  Truth?  I did have time.

I almost fell asleep at my desk at work twice this week.  That’s never happened to me before.  Even during downtime, I’ve always been able to occupy myself with other things (blog reading, book reading, online shopping 😉 ), but not this week.  Granted, I am trying to ward of a cold/allergies or something of the sort, but I’m nowhere near incapable of staying awake at my desk.  That’s when I realized I needed to snap out of it!  I wasn’t tired, I was sluggish.  I was in the middle of a no-exercise, no-endorphin SLUMP.  So here I am, professing to the blog world, that I’m snapping out of it!  Today is Friday, and a perfect day to start!  Who said you had to wait until Monday to start something new and productive? 😉

I squeezed in a 25 minute intense treadmill walk on my lunch break today, and although I know it isn’t much, it is what my schedule permitted me today.  I plan on going for a walk after work too…I love to walk!  Being outside and in the fresh air again  is something my body (and mind!) is going to thank me for big time; I know it.

It’s all about baby steps.  So if you’re feeling sluggish today, or caught in a slump…take a small step and do something for yourself today; you deserve it! 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kristin @ Iowa Girl Eats
    Aug 06, 2010 @ 16:15:20

    You go girl!!! Way to get in that walk – and I love your theory on there’s no time like the present to get started on a positive change. Change doesn’t only happen on Mondays! Have a great weekend 🙂


  2. lizzyj1305
    Aug 12, 2010 @ 14:49:14

    Hi beautiful chica!!
    I loveee your new bloggy design! so pretty! when I don’t feel like working out i take my dog on a walk…it’s so freeing, and my body doesn’t realize that it’s actually working out! 🙂
    I hope your weekend is amazing!


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