Mid-Day Surprise!

Why, hello there everyone! Pretty random for me to be posting in the middle of the day, but it’s a bit slow at work today; I have all my assignments finished so…here we are!

Instead of making this a traditional post (I’ll save my eats for later!) I decided to treat you all to a smorgasbord of things!

I thought I’d post some fun, random q’s for you guys (I’ll answer them too!) and we can all learn a bit more about each other, hm? 🙂  I know I have new readers out there!  De-lurk people!  I don’t bite!

Favorite Workout Songs

1.  First Time by Lifehouse (something about it just makes me wanna run!  fast!)

2.  Stronger by Kanye West

3.  London Bridge by Fergie

Favorite foodie crazes in this moment

1.  Specialty peanut butters (DCD, Mighty Maple etc.)

2.  Sunshine Burgers

3.  Green monsters

Most hilarious search terms people have entered and been led to your blog (WordPress only I believe!)

1.  “How come my cake is going down?” (LOL)

2.  “Whipped Cream Oats” (Never tried these, but that’s intriguing!)

3.  “Fruit that Looks Like Breast”  (My personal fave)

Three things you’re obsessed with right now

1.  Operation Beautiful (Happy Blog Birthday Caitlin!)

2.  Drinking a LOT of water! (160 oz!?  Eeep!)

3.  Google Reader (The organizational freak in me loves it!)

Some new blogs you’ve stumbled upon and love! (No particular order and definitely doesn’t include all the ones I love though!)

1.  Snackface

2.  Peanut Butter and Jenny

3.  oh so ravenous

4.  Health, Happiness, and Hope

5.  Have Faith

I seriously you recommend you check all these ladies’ blogs out!  And all the blogs on my blogroll for that matter! 🙂

What are your answeres to these questions?

Back for a post later! Hope you all have a great rest of the day!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. janetha
    Jul 30, 2009 @ 16:34:35

    whew catching up on my reader~wait no, i am working! haha.. i loved the answers to your questions and just because i am avoiding work at all costs i will answer one on each..
    1. “cause a scene (the first single)” by the format
    2. not a craze but it is for me~garbanzos+ranch seasoning+cottage cheese
    3. hmmm one good one was “basset hound swollen boobs”
    4. converting recipes to vegan
    5. cooking with kate.

    that was fun 🙂


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