My Hump My Hump

I think K must be rubbing off on me!  Song titles just seem to fit blog post titles so well!  It’s Black Eyed Peas “My Hump” in case you all were wondering! 😉

Happy Hump Day everyone!  It’s mid-week, finally!  While last week seemed to fly by, this week is majorying dragging for me!  Anyone else having this issue??  Must be because last week was only 4 days long, but still!  C’mon! 🙂

This week has been pretty uneventful as far as work/life/eats go.  Monday started off with what was a lovely breakfast I’m sure, but can’t remember it/find pictures of it for the life of me. 😛

Lunch, however was notable!  My boss asked me to run to the store and pick him up some paper towels and napkins after my lunch break (I already get an hour and was allowed to do this earrand on company time…so helloooo hour and a half paid lunch break 😉 ).  I usually just stayed in the office last summer for my lunch, just simply closing my door.  However, this year I do not have the same office, which has resulted in me not having an office door.  Usually, this is no biggie, but for lunching purposes kinda sucks.  SO I’ve decided to just start exploring the city/town that my office is in during my lunch breaks!  I’ve lived in this general area (I live 30 minutes away from work) my whole life, but have always been a bit intimidated by just driving around getting “lost.”  NO MORE! Monday I went on my earrand, and picked up a tasty 6-inch veggie sub from Subway with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, green peppers, and cucumber on honey oat bread with a little fat-free sweet onion sauce and oregano!  So yum!  I had it with a Vitamin Water 10 and some cherries I brought from home.  I had a nice window seat and it was a great way to spend my lunch hour! Plus wandering around the natural foods section oft he grocery store didn’t hurt either 😉

Dinner was a fun new treat!  I bought some tofu shirataki noodles last weekend that I’ve been itching to try out!  Monday night was the night!  I tore open the package (which stinks like a sweat sock, and I earned lots of fun looks from my mom even after I warned her!)  I rinsed them off, popped them in boiling agua for 2 minutes, drained and wah-lah!  “Pasta!”  I topped mine with another new venture, Quorn “chicken” cutlets!  I also topped a little of my mom and brother’s tortellini, with some Smart Balance and parm cheese!  On the side I had some rosemary olive oil baked bread and some carrots with hummus.

My thoughts?  The tofu noodles were awesome!!! A bit slimy, probably due to leaving them in the hot water a bit too long, but to me they tasted just like pasta!  And the fact that the whole bag was only 40 calories is a huge bonus, plus the entire bag has 4g of fiber!!!! SWEET!  I encourage you all to try them if you find them!  The Quorn cutlet on the other hand…was just okay.  They weren’t awful, but needed something to go with them…they had a bit of a spicy funky taste and kept coming back to me all night 😦 Not cool Quorn, not cool!  I wouldn’t but them again, but I’ll finish the box, they weren’t that bad.  Some cookies & cream fro yo was most definitely consumed Monday night too 😉

Yesterday was started off just right.  After my EARLY Am workout (which I also did Monday) I decided I just just the right ingridients to whip up a nice smoothie!  So I did!  It had:

3/4 cup plain, non-fat yogurt

3 ice cubes

Several sliced strawberries

1/2 sliced banana

Handful romaine lettuce (odd addition…didn’t have spinach, and you TASTED it ick)

To help stave off the weird taste…some PB2!!! MUCH better, tasted like an awesome PB smoothie!

Surprisingly, this held me over for several hours, until around 11:30.  I totally spoiled my appetite for lunch (which I take from 1-2pm) but I had a Luna Iced Oatmeal Raisin bar 🙂 Yum.

Lunch was spent buzzing around town in my car, in search of the local health food store.  After a distracting phone call, and therefore me getting a bit lost, I whipped out my new GPS and found my way!  Score.

I wandered around for a bit and purused the aisles.  I found out the have an amazing salad bar and…a fresh sushi roll sections!!!! They made several with brown rice and I was so excited about this!! (Today’s lunch anyone…!?) They also had this AMAZING cheesecake section for desserts…uhhh that could be a problemo. 😉

Back at my desk, I ate my lunch which was a microwaved Amy’s Non-Dairy Burrito.  I’ve tried a few others of hers, and I have to say this is my fave.  I had a bunch of strawberries and cherries on the side.  Afternoon snackie was an apple and a Dannon Light & Fit Vanilla Yogurt, which I have to say, after Greek yogurt, is getting too sweet for me! Gasp!

After work, I had plans with one of my best friends, so I stopped home quick and headed on another 30 minute journey to her casa.  I stopped at the store on the way (we were making dinner!) and picked up some fresh wheat bread, salad fixings, light chocolate chip ice cream and…M&Ms 😉

We had an awesome night of girlie chatting…she made chicken and homemade sauce over angel hair!  We would up not having the salad, just the pasta/chicken and bread.  After dinner, we went on a two hour jaunt around town!  She lives in the cutest little village (which is where my graduate school is located!) so she gave me a little tour around campus.  We did a lot of evening walking, and it was fun!  After we got back, we dug into the sweets and watched The Little Couple (I think that’s what it’s called!) on TLC.  Cute show!  I called it quits at 11pm, as I had a half hour to drive home!

Obviously, with a midnight bedtime, a 5:15am wake-up call for the gym was not in the cards at all.  I enjoyed that extra hour thoroughly and took my time getting ready this morning.

Breakfast was a real green monster this morning!  The mix:

A few sliced strawberries

1/2 sliced banana

4 ice cubes

Just over 1/2 cup plain, non-fat yogurt

2 BIG handfuls of spinach!!

I tasted it when I finished, thinking maybe some PB2 would be needed but nope!  It was divine, and a nice green color!  I felt so energized eating this!! 🙂

Around 10:30 am, i started feeling hungry, so I had another Oatmeal Luna.  Lunch is soon, and some sushi is calling my name!

**PICTURES will be added later!! I’m at work, and can’t post ’em!***

Have a great day lovelies!!


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Meredith
    Jun 03, 2009 @ 13:53:28

    One of my friends told me whenever she hears that song she pictures a gyrating camel, and now that’s all I can picture too!


  2. janetha
    Jun 03, 2009 @ 14:34:35

    hey! it is kind of like a game, reading this whole post without photos.. because i have imagined what all your food looked like from your descriptions so when i come back to see what they really look like i can determine how close i was! kind of fun 😀

    hmmm romaine in a GM.. haha never thought to try that but i don’t think i will. hooray for trying some new foods and doing some exploring! branching out is always nice. i agree, sweetened yogurt is too much for me, i like my plain greek! glad you had some fun girl time.. have a great rest of the day!


  3. sarahdbelle
    Jun 03, 2009 @ 15:24:54

    Sounds like you’ve been busy! I’m glad to hear that the tofu shirataki are good. I can’t find them anywhere, and I’ve been hearing about them for years.
    Take care!


  4. sara.jane
    Jun 03, 2009 @ 17:45:08

    I’ve never heard of a green monster—but a smoothie with spinach?! Wha?!?! I’m scared to try.

    Where did you buy the tofu noodles at and the Greek yogurt? I use the Dannon Light & Fit myself and add the fruit to the vanilla–but I’m curious to try the other stuff you talk about. I shop for groceries at Wal-mart–I know, I know–because it’s cheaper and I can afford all the fruits and veggies we eat during the week.


  5. ksgoodeats
    Jun 03, 2009 @ 18:09:44

    Aren’t song titles so much easier?! I really want to try the tofu noodles – they sound like fun!


  6. Anais
    Jun 04, 2009 @ 20:39:18

    Gotta love the green smoothies!!! I can never make one just for myself, my boyfriend always wants one too 😛 I guess I shouldn’t complain, it’s nice having the same food tastes!! 🙂

    Have fun exploring the town!! You’ll probably find some awesome little shops 🙂


  7. psychoj1
    Jun 04, 2009 @ 20:43:52

    Yummy eats! Can’t wait to see the pictures! Your green monster sounds delicious (the second one, haha)
    Delish! Glad work is going pretty well 🙂
    ❤ jess


  8. Bec
    Jun 04, 2009 @ 21:50:44

    your lunch time explorations sound like a blast!


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