These are a few of my favorite things…

…Sound of Music!  Not really a fan of the movie, but some of the song are catchy!

How’s everyone’s afternoon going?  Mine went pretty darn lovely!

I wound up not leaving my apartment until 2:30…bunch of resumes to send out, other things to do.

Right before I left I had some lunch!

2 microwaved egg whites with Italian seasoning and spinach in a FlatOut wrap

Yogurt bowl!

1/2 cup Plain Dannon Non-Fat Yogurt

Some sliced strawberries and 1/2 sliced ‘naner

2 tbsp Zoe’s Honey Almond Granola!


Up close with the yogurt mess!

Up close with the yogurt mess!

It was quite tasty and held me over nicely while I ran some earrands.

I went to pick up a perscription and surprise, surprise, I couldn’t get it do to insurance crapola.  I have SUCH issues with insurance because I’m still on my Mom’s and can be until I’m 23 as long as I”m a full-time student.  BUT I have to send in verification of that EVERY semester and apparently they “didn’t get it” for this semester!  UGH frustrating! Anyone else have this issue??

After that, I headed to the post office to mail out some letters and the blogger baked good! This was my first time mailing a package, so…let’s just say it was quite a debacle there at the USPS!  The reader that bid on my loaf is going to get A LOT of packing material (and possibly some random tissue paper LOL) inside her package!  I was so concerned about the loaf staying put and not getting crushed in the mail, that I stuffed SO much packaging into it so hopefully she’s patient enough to dig through all of it! 😛 Sorry about that!!

After that scene, I headed over to for my pedicure!!! Finally!  I was originally going to make an appointment at a beauty school that I found out gives MAJOR discounts on hair/nails/massages because it’s students giving them.  We’re talking $15 for a mani AND pedi combined!  Sign me up!  I called yesterday to make an appointment, and I left a message following their instructions detailing what procedure I wanted and they’d return my call in 24 hours to make the actual appointment. Did they call me back?  Noooooo.  Grr! So instead of there, I headed over to a local nail salon and, although I had to pay $30 for just the pedi (Boooooo) it came out great!  I got a French pedicure, and wanted to pay the woman extra money to just keep massaging my calves haha…what I really need is a massage, but alas, they are too expensive for my budget right now 😦

Anywho, after my lovely pedi (!!) I picked up some takeout sushi! I was craving a California roll, so that’s what I got…that and a Salmon roll!  I’ve never had one of these before, but I’m eating as I type, and it’s quite tasty!  I got a special, so they two rolls came out to only $7!  Score!


YUM is all I have to say 😉

I’m a little low on calories today, and I have a feeling I’ll want a snackie later so a Pure bar (my first one!!) may be in my future, or maybe a little yogurt/granola combo! Hmm!  We shall see!

Nighty Night guys!

PS!  Check out Meghann’s Honest Foods Giveaway!  If you haven’t tried their products, get to it…they’re amazing!  Good luck everyone!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Haleigh
    Apr 15, 2009 @ 18:30:28



  2. Sharon
    Apr 15, 2009 @ 19:22:21

    Oh wow, the sushi looks so yum!


  3. ksgoodeats
    Apr 15, 2009 @ 20:29:33

    Insurance issue: YES!! I have had to deal with that too and it’s a HUGH JASS pain! Hope yours gets worked out!!


  4. Kara
    Apr 15, 2009 @ 21:48:54

    Yeah the whole insurance thing is so lame. We just switched providers, so I’m just waiting for something like that to happen.

    I totally hear ya on the massage! My shoulders have been like bricks lately! Maybe after graduation… 🙂


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