Back…Back Again…

Little Eminem flashback anyone? 🙂

How was everyone’s Easter!? I’ve been reading all your Easter posts, and it sounds like everyone had a great day, doing whatever it is they love…spending time with family, friends, or just chillaxin!  I’m so glad you all enjoyed your days! 🙂

My spring break is sadly wrapping up (short one this year).  I have a few things to tell you, but it’s pretty stingy in the picture department.  I felt kinda weird taking pictures of Easter dinner with people that don’t know about the blog (even though A reassured me that I could!) so the pics are sparse.  Sorry guys…I’ll be back with regular pics and such tomorrow  😀

Saturday was a pretty fun day (no Candle, sadly, but other fun things ensued!)  It poured rain all day so we decided to have lunch and see a movie!  We wound up at this awesome little healthy hideaway that offered awesome, healthy wraps, sandwichs, and smoothies!  Even the desserts offered we all sugar-free, fat-free, healthy type stuff!  I ordered the Mediterranean Wrap, which was hummus, lettuce, roasted red peppers, onions, and feta cheese in a whole wheat wrap.  This was honestly one of the best wraps I’ve EVER had.  Seriously.  Even A commented that this was huge coming from a wrap-lover such as myself.  But it was so good!  The tastes just came together so well!

This thing was a monster!

This thing was a monster!



SO. Good.  On the side, I had a Diet Lemon Snapple Tea, which was light and refreshing.  After eating, it was time for the movie, and their smoothies were just TOO good to pass up, so we got one to split while in the theater.  Yes, I snuck it in in my purse (I’m fond of big bags) but we almost had a catastrophe when it almost spilled all over everything in my bag…whoops!  The smoothie contained blueberries, strawberries, and soy milk and was DELISH!  And also huge!  Glad we got one to split 😉

We saw Observe and Report (with Seth Rogen).  It was okay…interesting story line, but could have been done better in my opinion.  I like Seth Rogen’s movies, but this one was kinda blah.  Still a fun time though!

Later Saturday night, we had pizza with A’s family.  I had two slices of fresh mozzerella pizza…tasty!

We lounged around in the evening and then around 9:30 pm, went out for some gelato and coffee!

We chose this really nice Italian restaurant that has an AWESOME gelato bar!  We sat and ordered drinks (hot lemon roobios tea for me, cappacino for A) and some creamy gelato!  I ordered two scoops, one of pistachio and one of mixed berry sorbetto (non-dairy).  A had tiramisu and a chocolate-hazelnut flavors!  They were all very yummy!

Easter Sunday was quiet, and a good time too!  For breakfast I had a packet of Kashi Instant Honey Cinnamon Oatmeal with a little Lite Syrup and a spoonful of Skippy Natural PB.  I was hungry only about an hour later, so I had a Kashi Caramel Protein Bar before…church!

A’s family, A, and I headed to a traditional Catholic mass (I’m Christian, but not Catholic)!  It was a lot of fun to be able to take part in such a traditional (and packed!!) mass and I enjoyed it very much!

After mass, we headed home, where A and I took his dog for a walk around the neighborhood.  Easter dinner was held in the afternoon.  It’s a good thing that Easter Sunday ended Lent (and therefor my vegetarianism) because dinner was heavy on the meat!  We started with some antipasto…bread, tomato/mozz/basil/oil, and melon wrapped in prosciutto!

The next course was a pasta dish…topped with peas and a meat sauce!  So tasty!

The main course was roast beef (I passed), roasted potatoes, broccoli rabe (just don’t care for it…too bitter), Italian sausage, homemade meatballs, and toasted bread.  I had a meatball, 1/2 a sausage, a small scoop potatoes, and a couple slices of bread.  It was all very good!  I passed on the red wine with dinner, and stuck with sparkling mineral water instead.

Dessert were a variety of Italian pastries that A and I picked up from a local bakery that morning…long line!  It was fun though, everyone wishing everyone else a Happy Easter and such 🙂

I had 1/2 of a bakery canoli, and a piece of Swiss chocolate.  We all hung out and watch Slumdog Millionaire, which although I’ve already seen, was good!  I highly recommend seeing this film!  Some various Easter candy was consumed throughout the evening, and then I hit the hay.

This morning was spent putzing around…packing, eating breakfast (leftover 1/2 wrap from Saturday) and then we hit the road to head back to school around 11:30 am.  After arriving back home, A headed to the library to do some schoolwork, and I hit up Wal-Mart for a quick (and supposedly small, but didn’t turn out that way really 😛 ) grocery shop…I had no fresh food in the apartment!

I snapped some pics of my shop for you guys!


Rold Gold Honey Wheat Pretzels

FlatOut Wraps (!!! I couldn’t believe it!  I’ve never found these, and there they were in the bakery at SuperWal Mart!!)

A whole-grain round loaf to have with dinner…great ingridient list and was SO good

Semi-sweet chocolate chips and canned Libby’s pumpkin (blogger bake-sale baking time anyone!?)

Sliced Almonds


Skim Milk

Carbonated Flavored Water (Black Cherry)

Large Container of Non-Fat Plain Dannon Yogurt

YoCrunch! Butterfinger Yogurt for A 🙂

2 Yoplait Thick N Creamy Yogurts (One French Vanilla, One Raspberry)

All Whites Egg Whites

Fresh Shaved Parm Cheese

Toaster Scrambles, Bacon, Egg, and Cheese (also for A)


The best part…produce!!!

2 containers strawberries (on sale 2/$3!)

2 bags baby spinach, one classic romaine


A pack of 3 peppers…one red, orange, and yellow

A green pepper

a pear


Good buys, but pricier than I had anticipated!  And OF COURSE, because I’m running outta PBs…had to stock up on my baby…

Can't get it to tilt a little to the left...there, you got it! :)

Can't get it to tilt a little to the left...there, you got it! 🙂

Mighty Maple! My Saratoga PB is almost gone 😦  And although I LOVED it like whoa…it’s a lot more expensive 😦  I wanna try them all though…especially that Dark Chocolate flavor 😉

Tonight’s dinner was awesome!  I had a bit of a lack of veggies (okay, a lot) over spring break, so I knew I wanted to make up for it tonight (fought my HUGE urge to just have oat bran…which I’ve also missed!).  I made A and I grilled chicken salads for dinner!

I grilled up some boneless, skinless, natural chicken tenders on the stovetop.  I seasoned them with a variety of spices.  While they were cooked I stuck a loaf of the above-mentioned amazing bread to warm up.  I then made two salads for us, mine included:

Baby spinach

1/2 yellow pepper, chopped

1/3 cucumber, sliced

Sprinkle of parm cheese

Sprinkle of sliced almonds

Cherry tomatoes

Grilled chicken!

2 tenders = 100 calories, and I had about 3 full sized tenders, and a 1/2 size one.

I topped my salad with Balsamic Vinegar and had a dippable bowl (2 tbsp) of Ken’s Light Parmesan Peppercorn dressing!


All it’s glory! I had mine with two slices of the bread, with a little Smart Balance on top!  It was melty and delicious!

We’ve just been lounging around this evening, and I am currently enjoyed a cup of Decaffinated Lemon Lift Tea and some Honey Wheat pretzels with a little Adirondack Jack for dipping! 🙂

Back to the grind early tomorrow!  LUCKILY I’m off from work ALL this week!  The school where I work is closed for spring break…how sweet is that!?  I very rarely get consecutive days off from work during the week, so instead of rushing from class straight to work, then more class, I have afternoons FREE!  On the agenda:

Blogger baking and mailing!

A possible Zumba class!? (What do you guys think, I’ve never tried one but am eager to, and the classes are always during work or class, so I finally can try one…??)

French Pedicure (treating myself, can’t WAIT!)

Possible picnic with A…we’ve been trying for weeks and this Friday, the weather may finally cooperate!

Schoolwork, of course 😛

I am REALLY looking forward to this week off from work! 😀

Well time to go bloggies, have class 8:45-1pm tomorrow, then I have to run some on-campus earrands, and maybe give blood?  (Blood drive tomorrow…I love doing it, but the past several time I’ve tried it, my iron’s been just a hair too low…even with an iron-enriched multi-vitamin and lotsa veggies!  Odd…)

Have a great evening everyone, and thanks for reading this beast of a post! 🙂


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. peanutbutterandjuli
    Apr 13, 2009 @ 21:57:31

    So glad you had a great vacation!

    I keep meaning to try Zumba– do you like it??


  2. Sharon
    Apr 13, 2009 @ 22:31:16

    SCORE on those strawberries! I wish I could get a deal like that!!!


  3. Kara
    Apr 13, 2009 @ 23:11:54

    I saw Observe and Report, too. I thought it was really different than what the previews made out to be. Very dark humor. But I like that, so I think I liked it more than all the reviews I’ve read.


  4. ksgoodeats
    Apr 14, 2009 @ 09:13:15

    Oooooh Eminem! What a gorgeous wrap 🙂

    Those pretzels are like crack!! Call me crazy but they’re really good dipped in strawberry yogurt!


  5. sarahdbelle
    Apr 14, 2009 @ 10:58:25

    Sounds like a lovely holiday! You should definitely try zumba if you can. It’s such a blast ; )
    Have a great day!


  6. cleanveggiex3
    Apr 14, 2009 @ 15:50:33

    sounds like you had a great holiday!!
    love that flavor!


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