HR Puffin Stuff

Haha like the title?? I have never seen this old Muppet-like show that was apparently popular in 1969, but my roommate said it once and I remembered it yesterday when I was buying these beauties for the first time


Peanut Butter Puffins!! I’ve seen them around my local stores, but haven’t purchased them due to their steeper-than-regular-cereal price.  But I finally caved yesterday and bought them, and I’m glad I did!  I like a cereal with a little more substance, but these are perfect, airy, and lightly flavored with corn and PB flavors, and perfect for snacking!  (I should know…a good portion of the box disappeared last night! 😮 )

I went to this new health food co-op near my college that I’d never been to!  It was awesome!  A lot of the speciality products that I routinely search for, and some fun local stuff too!

I tried their homemade quinoa and tabbouli salad last night…delish!

I also got these in the mail yesterday!!!



My Stonyfield giveaway prizes!!! A HUGE thanks to Kristina from Stonyfield Farms and Erica from Itzy’s Kitchen for the gifts!!  That little surprise drawstring bag is adorable!!  Thanks so much!

Yesterday at the co-op I also purchased Annie’s Honey Bunnies, Whole wheat sourdough pizza crust (!! SO excited to try this!), 3 Stonyfield low-fat and fat-free yogurts with my coupons! (Plain, French Vanilla, and Chocolate Underground), some very ripe bananas for some baking later on (!!), an Amy’s Indiam Samosa Wrap (I’ve never had this before…on sale and looks interesting!  I’ll let you all know how it is!), and a giant peanut-butter chocolate chip chewy vegan cookie for the boy, who wasn’t feeling too hot 😦

I managed to snap a picture of this amazing wall of dried everything you can image!  Trail mixes, granola, peanuts…ahhh heaven!!  It took major restraint on my part not to dig in!


YUM! Maybe next time…

On to today!

I got up early, took a nice, long walk around campus (my exercise for the day…took about an hour and ten minutes)

I showered and have now plopped myself with a nice mixed bowl of oats and oat bran, a Lifetime movie (YAY!) and a hot cuppa tea 😉


All my oat bowls look the same!  I so need a better camera than my camera phone 😦

The mix today:

1/2 cup of oats and oat bran

1 small banana, mashed

sprinkle cinn

1/2 tbsp flax seed, ground

drizzle SF maple syrup

About 1/4 cup pumpkin

1 tbsp, plus a little Skippy Natural Superchunk (Gotta get more of my love, Mighty Maple ASAP!)

Tasty!  I really enjoyed the oats/oat bran combo!  The best of both worlds!!

No plans for today (they fell through) so I’m having another lazy day (having two in a row feels weird!!)

Probably a Wal-Mart trip and some baking are in the cards!
Have a great Saturday everyone!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Haleigh
    Mar 14, 2009 @ 12:16:31

    Peanut Butter Puffins!! They are SO freakin’ good. Of course, my favorite cereal has to be one of the most expensive. I am glad that you liked them though, I try to only buy them like once a month, if only they were cheaper! Have a fantastic Saturday 🙂


  2. Michelle
    Mar 14, 2009 @ 16:02:21

    Yeah they’re so expensive!! 😛
    And honestly, although I really enjoyed them, I like keeping cereals on hand that are more filling…my faves are Kashi Heart to Heart, Optimum Power, Kashi Go Lean Crunch etc. But they’re great for snacking or a yogurt topper! 🙂

    You have a great Saturday too Haleigh!!


  3. ksgoodeats
    Mar 14, 2009 @ 16:37:11

    That pizza crust you got sounds incredible!! Hope you had a relaxing day 🙂 I did some baking too!


  4. Sweetie Pie
    Mar 14, 2009 @ 23:32:22

    I love PB Puffins, but I am addicted to the cinnamon ones! Puffins are just awesome. Period. I hope you are enjoying yours!

    I love a good lazy day. I hope you are enjoying yours!


  5. Maddy
    Mar 15, 2009 @ 20:05:49

    Woohoo for Puffins and Honest Weight!! I keep trying to find a comparable cereal that’s maybe a little easier on the wallet, but no luck — Puffins are just too amazing for copycats 🙂


  6. Michelle
    Mar 16, 2009 @ 10:01:34

    Maddy!! 😀


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