Little Scratchy

Afternoon world!

How’s everyone’s Saturday going?  Mine has been fun-filled so far and there’s more to come!

I went out with some friends last night but (as usual when this occurs)  I didn’t sleep for very long and woke up with a bit of a tummy ache 😦  My own fault.

I sat around checking blogs for a couple hours then finished half of a hummus & tabouli wrap that I got last night…delish, but not very blog-worthy on the picture front.

It is absolutely GORGEOUS today!!  We have been covered with snow for what seems like months here in New York and today showed major promise that spring is on the horizon!  It reached 55 degrees today, and although that may be freezing to those of you living further south…here that’s cause for celebration!

I celebrated by lacing up my running shoes and going for a run! Now, I am not a huge runner.  I would love to run regularly and run half and full marathons like some of you awesome bloggers can, but (and I don’t know if this is due to lack of practice and trying or just who I am) but I don’t have much endurance.  I’m more of a sprinter haha 😉

I love running though and I was itching to get out of the gym where I’ve been kept prisoner for several months!

I went on a jog around my college campus, which is around 2.5-3 miles I do believe.  I didn’t take any shortcuts and did alternate jogging and fast-walking intervals, and it took me about 43 minutes.  I burned 315 calories and I was pleased!  Overall, it was just wonderful to be outside and I felt so…healthy being outside running in fresh air as opposed to slugging away on the elliptical.  😀

After my run and a shower and a snack (a Vanilla Chobani with 1/4 cup Optimum Power Cereal and a teeny spoonful Mighty Maple PB! 😉 ) my roomie and I had a fun day planned!  We went to a nearby town that we haven’t really investigated much and I spent a gift card I’ve had forever!  I got a new, peachy-pink colored top for spring, a white tank, and a really cute black clutch bag!  Score!

After shopping, we headed to Panera again for lunch!  I got the Orchard Harvest salad (sans Gorgonzola) with that amazing cherry vinegerette and a side of whole grain baugette.  Hits the spot every time.


Up close and personal



I am now realaxing (it’s now dark and gloomy here haha figures) and may take a little nap.  I’m not a fan of naps during the day (I ALWAYS wake up feeling really nauseous) but I had a late night and have another ahead of me and am feeling the lack of sleep!  My throat’s feeling a little scratchy and my tummy has been kind of off all day so hopefully I’m not getting sick!! 😦  My friend’s 21st Birthday is this week and she’s having a party tonight so a late night will ensue.  Thank goodness I’m the DD so a good night’s sleep will also follow! 🙂

Later bloggies!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. innerwellness
    Mar 07, 2009 @ 18:30:04

    oh, wow! that salad from Panera looks amazing! Yum! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Have a fun Saturday evening! Being the DD can be nice sometimes because then you have some of the fun without some of the not so fun stuff the day after 🙂


  2. Sharon
    Mar 07, 2009 @ 20:05:01

    Oh wow, that salad looks scrumptious! And I am totally loving this warm weather – finally!!!!


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