Happy Monday Blogland!  I’m entering this week with a MUCH better mindeset than last week…no papers or tests this week really helps hehe 😉

As I’m sure you can see on the news, it’s snowy today in New York!  Ahh!  When will it end!??!? Although we aren’t getting nearly as much snow as other areas of the Northeast, it’s still enough to be an annoyance, especially after sooo much snow already this winter!  I’m ready for spring! Anyone else?

Onto the eats!

I started off my week with a delicious bowl of oat bran


Mmm goodness.

1/2 cup oat bran, cooked in the micro with a mix of water and skim milk…I just eyed it

About 1/3 cup canned pumpkin

1/2 tbsp flax seed

generous sprinkle of cinn

About a tbsp of chunky PB, the highlight!

More skim added at the end…it was really really dry…I’m still learning oat bran’s consistency…maybe I overcooked it or didn’t add enough liquid?  Hm.

Today’s Agenda:




Readings for class tonight and tomorrow

Work this afternoon (driving there should be lovely 😛 )

Evening Class


Catch up on readings


Whew.  Not quite done yet haha.

My workout this morning was really great…55 mins. of cardio (40 mins elliptical, varying between levels 12-14), 15 mins. power walking on a 3.0 incline on the tread, about 15 mins. strength training (abs, some arms, one leg machine)

Calories Burned: 450

Woo hoo now that’s what I like to see!

Enjoy your Monday everyone, back tonight with a dinner/lunch/possibly work snacks post!



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