Dinner Wednesday, Lunch Thursday

Good eeeeeeeeevening!

As promised, I have pictures!  A little random as far as the order goes, but there’s a couple!

We have last night’s very tasty and delicious creation:


I made an awesome little mess of half a red pepper (love these!), some red onion, and a steam-in-a-bag asian medley vegetable mix (broccoli, baby corn, carrots etc.), cooked them up on the stove in their own juices with garlic powder, italian seasonings, black pepper, and a little crushed red pepper (gave it QUITE a kick! 🙂 )

To top it off I added marinara sauce to it…I know…weird.  But delicious!

Today for breakfast I tried oat bran for the first time after seeing it on various blogs recently.  Verdict?  IT’S GREAT!! It has a smaller consistency to it, almost like cooked cous cous.  And it definitely tastes sweeter than oatmeal to me!  I really enjoyed it!  Sorry, no picture 😦

Today for lunch I had a little extra time before work, so I managed to whip up a really good wrap!


A La Tortilla wheat & rye wrap (out of regular multigrain ones) with two microwaved egg whites a la Jenn, which is where I first got the idea for these!  I added some spring mix and baby spinach salad, along with some red pepper (extra on the side) and a light laughing cow spread inside.  I also added a sprinkle of feta that I keep forgetting I have and LOVE! 🙂

UP close and personal!



Well I’m off to a game night at my friend’s house…hummus & veggies, birthday cake, some drinks, and homemade dip I made may all be involved 😉

Nighty night!


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