Back to the Grind

Evening everyone! Ahh Monday. Back to the school/work/madness and all that accompanies that!  Fun fun.

I am back at college and that means a BUSY 4 days for me!  In addition to a full courseload, I hold a part time job Monday-Thursday so those 4 days are quite hectic for me; forgive me if I’m not posting as much during that time 🙂

I had a normal (delicious!) oat bowl this AM, along with a mish-mash of things for “lunch.”

I had a Blueberry Chobani, an apple, a Kashi Chocolate Peanut Bar and a Luna Cookies & Cream Delight over the course of 8 hours.

For dinner…


2 Egg whites with a Light Laughing Cow in the center!  mmmm melty goodness 🙂

With some ketchup on top, of course



A little side of a crisp Granny Smith apple (on sale at the store this week woo woo!), an entire red pepper (also on sale! My fave) and a folded up whole wheat wrap…it’s this random brand that you can only find at one specific store…the nutritionals are actually pretty good too, and only 100 cals! 😀

And a cup of raspberry herbal tea (NO SPLENDA!!!)  My first time!  I’m trying to ween myself off of the Splenda and so far, so good 🙂

May have a baby sized oat bowl in a bit, we’ll see.

Happy Monday Blog World!!

PS– I’m VERY happy to share with you that Winning Friends With Salad is BACK!

I was a long-time reader and after a little hiatus, Kate has returned!  Check it out! 🙂


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