The Panera Madness Continues!

Evening bloggies!

So I hit up Panera again today after running some earrands with my Mom 🙂

I am really lovin the Orchard Harvest Salad (sans Gorgonzola…even though today they forgot :-\) lately.

So keeping in tune with that…


You Pick Two with Creamy Tomato soup with a whole grain baugette and the Orchard Harvest salad.  Delicious as usual…especially the soup; it was my first time trying it!  I highly recommend!

Had a family birthday party at my Dad’s tonight which meant pizza and cake with ice cream :-\

I’m a sucker when it comes to pizza (I feel like I could eat a whole pie!) so I kindly asked my father to order me a grilled chicken garden salad and he did!  It was awesome…lettuce, great grilled chicken slices, roasted red peppers, olives (ew!!), cucumbers and tomatoes!  Oil and vin on the side with a great doughy roll…mmm mmm good!

I also indulged in half a slice of cheese pizza…I was still waaay hungry!

I also had a small piece of cake and scoop of light ice cream…hit the spot!  No pics, sorry!!

Have a good night everyone!

Sweet dreams!


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